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Ambulance call

Ambulance call
Cases when some of the hotel guests feel bad are rare, but they do happen. If this happens, you will not have to frantically look for an ambulance phone number, go to the hospital on your own and provide assistance, wasting precious minutes.

The staff of the Poseidon Hotel is prepared for such situations and acts promptly. We have a free ambulance call service - we will promptly call and call a car from the nearest clinic so that it arrives as quickly as possible. We also have a first-aid kit, so we can provide the minimum possible assistance even before the doctor arrives.

If you are going on vacation to our hotel by the sea near Odessa, you do not have to stock up on a stack of all important emergency numbers, memorize them and keep them at hand. We have all this, and we are always ready to help and support.

If an emergency has occurred - immediately contact our administrator and wait for the arrival of the ambulance team. 

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