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Public offer

Public offer for the sale of hotel services

Individual entrepreneur Boyko Alexey Vyacheslavovich (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor"), registered and acting in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, guided by Art. 633, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, concludes this Agreement with any person, hereinafter referred to as the "CUSTOMER".

After payment, the client receives a booking confirmation by mail, after which the client can enter our hotel. Submission of the letter is optional.

The Agreement is considered concluded and becomes effective from the moment you perform the actions provided for in the Offer and signify your unconditional accession to all the terms of the Offer without any exceptions or restrictions.

This Agreement is a contract for the provision of services, concluded through a public offer, and regulates the procedure for the provision of services and the obligations arising in this regard between the PROVIDER and the CUSTOMER. The text of this Agreement is posted on the Internet at https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com.

1. Terms and definitions used in this Agreement

Online booking system is a set of software services of the CONTRACTOR, which provides the CUSTOMER with the possibility of prompt access to the database of hotel rooms, presented for the subsequent formation of an order for the purchase of services for temporary accommodation in terms of such a fund.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The subject of this offer is the booking and sale of hotel services to the CUSTOMER on the terms of this Offer and in accordance with the tariff plans published on the website https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com

3. Rights and obligations of the parties


3.1.1. Place an order for booking hotel services using the Internet, phone calls and other methods specified at https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com. At the same time, the CUSTOMER acknowledges that in the case of using the SERVICE PROVIDER, he fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this Offer, regardless of how the order was made.

3.1.2. Refuse the order or change the order only after agreement with the CONTRACTOR in writing.

3.1.3. Choose a method of payment for your order from those offered on the website https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com

3.1.4. Check your order data yourself before placing it and booking hotel services. The CUSTOMER bears full responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the use of the data used by him when placing an order.

3.2. The contractor has the right

3.2.1. Require the CUSTOMER to adhere to all procedures for ordering and booking hotel services strictly in accordance with the rules set forth on the website https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com and in this Offer. Whatever actions the CUSTOMER does, the CONTRACTOR is responsible for the proper execution of only actions and procedures performed in full compliance with these rules.

3.2.2. Require the CUSTOMER to fully agree to the terms of the Offer. Refuse to provide services to the CUSTOMER without agreeing to the terms of the offer.

3.2.3. Withhold from the CUSTOMER or demand payment of the full cost of fines on the terms of the hotel specified in the order, in case of a change, cancellation of the order or no-show at the hotel. In this case, the CUSTOMER recognizes the actions of the CONTRACTOR as fully legitimate and has no claims.

3.2.4. To demand from the CUSTOMER full payment of the cost for one settlement day of the order made.

3.2.5. In exceptional cases, replace previously confirmed hotel rooms with rooms of the same category free of charge.


3.3.1. Agree to the terms of this Offer.

3.3.2. Do not start placing an order without first familiarizing yourself with the rules of the PROVIDER. If the CUSTOMER has started placing an order, then the PROVIDER has the right to assume that the CUSTOMER is fully aware of and agrees with the rules.

3.3.3. Indicate up-to-date contact information when registering and placing an order (phone number, E-mail).

3.3.4. Indicate and check when ordering the correctness of all the necessary data for ordering. In the event that the CUSTOMER refused to provide the necessary data, the PROVIDER has the right to refuse to place an order.

3.3.5. Pay in full the cost of the order using the payment methods presented on the website https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com and within the time frame specified by the CONTRACTOR during the ordering process.

3.3.6. In case of cancellation of the order (cancellation), immediately inform the CONTRACTOR about this (with further provision of written confirmation). Cancellation is considered accepted from the moment the CONTRACTOR receives a written confirmation of the cancellation.


3.4.1. Provide the CUSTOMER with the necessary information and instructions for placing an order. Comprehensive information is the information that the CONTRACTOR publishes on the website https://www.poseidon-apart-otel.com

3.4.2. If it is impossible to book on the conditions stated by the Customer, inform the Customer about this and offer booking on alternative terms.

3.4.3. Accept payment for services from the CUSTOMER (including through third parties) after proper ordering and successful booking of hotel services.

4. Rules for canceling an order, changing an order and returning funds to the CUSTOMER

4.1. The CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the order at any time. Free cancellation is possible up to 30 days before arrival, less than 30 days, payment is non-refundable and remains at the hotel as a penalty. Funds for additional services are not refundable; they can be spent in full on a bar, kitchen, sauna rental during the period of stay.

5. Responsibility. Dispute Resolution

5.1. The CUSTOMER represents the interests of all persons indicated in the order and is personally liable to the CONTRACTOR for the correctness of the data provided in the application about them, for the fulfillment by all persons of all obligations, including obligations to pay for the order and pay a fine in case of refusal to provide hotel services (including no-show at hotel).

5.2. The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable in the event of non-performance or improper performance of services on his part or on the part of third parties, arising from inaccuracy, inadequacy or untimeliness of supporting information and documents provided by the CUSTOMER, as well as arising from other violations of the terms of this Offer on the part of the CUSTOMER.

5.3. The SERVICE PROVIDER is not responsible in the event of the CUSTOMER not showing up to the hotel on the first day of arrival and, as a result, possible not settling in the hotel.

5.4. The CONTRACTOR is not responsible for the discrepancy of the service provided to the expectations of the customer and his subjective assessment.

5.5. The parties will make every effort to reach agreement on controversial issues through negotiations. If it is impossible to reach an agreement in the negotiations, the arisen disputes are subject to consideration in court in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

5.6. For all other issues not provided for in this Offer, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine. All possible disputes arising from the provisions of the Offer will be resolved in the courts of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Force majeure circumstances

6.1. The parties are exempt from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement if such failure was the result of force majeure circumstances, that is, extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions.

6.2. Force majeure circumstances, in particular, include: natural disasters, hostilities, a nationwide crisis, strikes in an industry or region, actions and decisions of state authorities, disruptions in telecommunications and energy networks, the action of malicious programs, as well as unfair actions of third parties. persons who expressed themselves in actions aimed at unauthorized access and / or disabling the software and / or hardware complex of each of the Parties.

7. Modification and termination of the Agreement

7.1. This Agreement enters into force from the moment the CUSTOMER starts the process of placing an order and is valid indefinitely.

7.2. The CUSTOMER has the right to refuse the services of the EXECUTOR at any time. Refusal of the CUSTOMER entails the termination of all obligations of the CONTRACTOR to him from the moment of such refusal.

7.3. The CONTRACTOR has the right to unilaterally, without giving reasons, terminate this Agreement.

7.4. The CUSTOMER does not have the right to terminate the contract after accepting its terms.

7.5. The CONTRACTOR has the right to change the terms of this Agreement and its Appendices, introduce new Appendices to this Agreement without prior notice. The CUSTOMER, knowing about the possibility of such changes, agrees that they will be made. If the CUSTOMER continues to use the services of the CONTRACTOR after such changes, this means his consent to them.

8. Data confidentiality

8.1. The CUSTOMER is guaranteed the confidentiality of the data provided to them for the purpose of booking hotel services.

8.2. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the confidentiality of his registration name (login) and password, as well as for all actions performed under this name (login) and password. The CONTRACTOR is not responsible and does not compensate for losses incurred due to unauthorized use by third parties of the CUSTOMER's identification data.