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Parking rules for guests

When booking a room / apartment, the guest reserves a parking space for his car, if he plans to arrive on it. The cost of a parking space is 50 UAH / day. If the guest does not reserve a parking space for his car, then upon arrival he looks for it on his own without creating a traffic jam.
Note: Taxis are not allowed for guests! Near the gate, our staff greets guests, pick up their luggage and escort them to the hotel.

One parking space is allocated per room, regardless of the size and price of the room.

If there is no free space for a second car, the tenant looks for one on his own.

The places for the car are distributed randomly. It is not possible to reserve a place near the hotel!

After the free spaces near the hotel run out, cars are parked at the top of the cooperative, about 50-60 meters from the hotel and at pier 423 about 500 meters from the hotel.

If your car closes the exit, then the receptionist or assistant at the hotel will have to ask you to leave in order to allow another guest to leave.

If your car is parked near the hotel, then it may be blocked by a car that arrived at the check-in or check-out from another parking lot. And the search for the owner of the car that blocks the exit can take time.

Therefore, please inform the administrator about your departure in advance.

The administrator does not bear any responsibility for the blocked car. The administrator only helps you find the driver of another car.

The administrator is not a valet, the administrator can only call an assistant who will show you the area where you can park.

The administrator has the right to refuse a parking space if the car is oversized and occupies more than one space, or blocks the arrival and departure of the cooperative's vacationers. 

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