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Odessa region, village Burlacha Balka
district Sauvignon, Chornomorska road, 2A
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On vacation, you want to take as many things as possible, so as not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to walk around the city in beautiful clothes, go to restaurants, museums and theaters. But for a week or two of active sea recreation, not a single clean T-shirt remains in the suitcase. This problem is especially relevant if you are traveling with children - for them you need to wash things almost every day.

Our hotel near Odessa offers a laundry service. It is provided for a fee at the request of the guests. To use this service at our Poseidon Apart Hotel, take your belongings and ask the staff to pick them up at the laundry. After washing, they will be brought to you clean and dried. You can also order a paid service "ironing".

Take advantage of our professional hotel laundry service and free yourself from your daily routine. Relax fully! 

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