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Velvet season 2020! (Promotion ended)

Velvet season 2020! (Promotion ended)
Hotel by the sea "Poseidon" invites you to extend the SUMMER in the Velvet season. Let your HOLIDAY last as long as possible! SUPER DISCOUNTS FOR YOU!
10% - when booking apartments from 5 days;
15% - from 7 days;
20% - from 10 days;
25% - from 14 days.
In addition to the standard prices reduced in the autumn period, you can book apartments on the Black Sea coast for a quarter cheaper! In addition, other advantages of this period await you:
fewer tourists - with the onset of September, guests return to work and study - you can relax in a quiet and calm atmosphere;
the time of the exhausting summer heat is over - now you are waiting for the gentle rays of the sun and the sea warmed up during all the summer months;
It will be easier for you to get to the hotel - the southern routes are no longer so busy, and there are more free tickets for trains and planes.
Autumn is not a reason to say goodbye to summer, book an apartment by the sea at the Poseidon Hotel and enjoy the delights of the velvet season at special discounted prices.
* The promotion is valid for accommodation from September 7, 2020. 

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